TempReport wireless datalogging system


TempReport is the new software for the new T-TEC RF wireless data loggers. It includes basic functions like adding a logger in to the system; removing the logger; starting the logger; stopping the logger; downloading the logger; viewing data from the logger -- including past missions; setting and changing alarms -- including emails and phone numbers for SMSs. It also includes functionality to reset the relay on the Gateway, settings (for emails, SMSs, cloud subscription, MQTT, backups, passwords); logger secuirty - passwords and permissions for various users.

It also has the ability to set when downloads should happen automatically, either at set intervals or at a set time. This can be useful if you know that all the trucks with the data loggers on board will be back in the yard by 6pm. 

And separate to logging intervals are the data updates. These are the temperatures (or other) that are presented on the screen so that the user can see how the logger is going. Of course, the faster the interval, the shorter life of the battery.

Alarms will be displayed on screen, in red flashing exclamation marks, the background of the specific logger will turn red and notifications will appear in your notification tray.

If you are in the neighbourhood, please feel free to stop past and get a demonstration.


If TempReport is running on a computer that has Internet access, then TempReport can send the data out either to a T-TEC Cloud (installed on your own server or Temperature Technology's via the Internet) and/or to a MQTT broker.