Temperature Chart Recorder Technical Specifications

Casing Shock resistant plastic
TT202 & TT210: Transparent lid in polycarbonate
  • Can be locked
  • Base made from ABS plastic
  • Splash proof from front and top with good air circulation
TT260: Seal around door. Either panel or wall mount.
Size TT202 & TT210: 154 × 86 × 215 mm (6 × 3.4 × 8.5")
TT260 Panel Mount: 144 × 144. Cut out panel 138 × 138 mm. Depth behind panel: 90mm
TT260 Wall mount: 184 × 144 mm, depth 110 mm
Ambient Operation and storage -30 + 60 °C 5-95% Relative Humidity
Battery TT202: 1.5 Volt AA alkaline
TT210:9V PP3
TT260: Battery Back-up only: 9V PP3 rechargeable
Measuring Elements/Inputs TT202: Spiral wound precision bi-metal element
TT210: Potentiometric measuring system with full servo-system.
Input from Pt100 sensor
TT260: Potentiometric measuring system with full servo-system. Inputs: Pt100 sensor for temperature, 4-20 mA, 0-1 Volt from transmitters/transducers
Charts 100 mm diameter (4")
Rotation 24 hours or 7 days
Guarantee TT202, 210 and 260 models guaranteed for one year (parts and labour)
Electronics TT210 & TT260: Thick film hybrids encorporating bipolar and locmos devices.
Power Supply TT202: No extra power supply necessary
TT210: >For the measuring and recording system: 1 battery type PP3 9V. Expected lifetime of batteries depends much on the specific situation the recorders are used in: The 9 V battery will normally last in excess of 3 weeks continuous use.
TT260: -200/250C AC, 50/60 Hz optional 12V DC etc.


TT202: Portable Bimetal Temperature Circular Chart Recorder

The accuracy of a TT202 recorder is better than 2% of scale (range).

For example, a recorder with a range of 0 to 25 °C the accuracy is therefore better than ± 0.5 °C. For a recorder with a wider range, eg. 0 + 45 °C, the accuracy is ± 0.9 °C. To get the best accuracy, a recorder with a suitable narrow range should be chosen.

TT210: Portable Temperature Recorder and TT260: Fixed Electronic Temperature Recorder

The accuracy of both TT210 and TT260 temperature recorder models is 1% of the of the width of the measuring range.

Battery backup

TT260: mains, fixed mounting, temperature recorder

Automatic charging circuit for NiCad battery will secure correct operation of both chart drive and recording for 2-4 weeks after mains failure, depending on actual circumstances.
Optional alarm contacts will also function, but may reduce the working time to 1-3 weeks after mains failure (Fully recharged battery).

Alarm Contacts

TT260: mains, fixed mounting, temperature recorder

Adjustable from the front over the whole range. Hysteresis for alarms: Standard 0.5% of range. Output from alarm(s): Change-over relay(s):

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