Electronic Min-max Thermometer (EMT 888) is a handy thermometer that displays the current, the minimum and the maximum temperature, easily reset with only one button. Great for fridges and ambient temperatures. Example of use: vaccine fridges.

Available Features


Large display

Temperature Ranges

  • Remote sensor range: -50 + 70 °C
  • Internal sensor range: -5 + 50 °C


  • 0 +40 °C: Better than ±1C

Dual Display:

Large digits: Actual temperature.
Smaller digits: Minimum and Maximum temperature readings since last reset.

Easy Operation:

The thermometer has one internal and one external sensor. It will read the external sensor, if it is connected. Otherwise, it will read the internal sensor. To start new readings: Press RESET.

Without the sensor attached, the EMT 888 is excellent for monitoring of air conditioning, storage temperatures, shipment of vaccine.

With the sensor attached, the long sensor lead and the wide temperature range of the sensor makes it a handy solution for many purposes: Refrigerators, freezers, food preparation and storage, indoor/outdoor monitoring, greenhouses and incubators.