Electronic Min-max Thermometer (EMT900) is a handy thermometer that displays the current, the minimum and the maximum temperature, easily reset with press of buttons below the displays. Great for fridges, freezers, storage and ambient temperatures. With the optional use of alarm settings, it is great for vaccine fridges.


  • Height: 9.50 cm
  • Width: 6.50 cm
  • Depth: 1.80 cm
  • Weight: 0.88 kg


Choice between 2 modes

Monitoring mode: Large display of actual temperature, minimum and maximum temperatures since last reset, all with decimals.

Alarm mode: The display shows LO and HI setting, as well as active alarm. Alarm is clearly heard, can be muted by touch of a button.

Temperature Ranges

  • Remote sensor range: -50 + 70 °C
  • Internal sensor range: -5 + 50 °C

High accuracy

  • 0 +40 °C: Better than ±0.3C

Remote sensor

  •  The 2m long detachable sensor has a bottle around the probe, which can be filled with glycol for slowing down the temperature fluctuation. Also a suction cup for tying the cable up, if needed.

Dual Display

Large digits: Actual temperature.
Smaller digits in monitoring mode: Minimum and Maximum temperature readings since last reset. In Alarm mode: The low and high alarm thresholds.

The display also shows whether the alarm feature is activated, and if there is an alarm situation and the sound has bee muted.

Easy Operation

The thermometer has master buttons at the back. Choice between internal or external sensor, between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and alarm on/off.  The front has buttons for manual reset of minimum and maximum temperature readings.

The Mode button changes the display to alarm mode, where the buttons are used to set LO and HI thresholds. 

Without the sensor attached, the EMT900 is excellent for monitoring of air conditioning, storage temperatures, shipment of vaccine.

With the sensor attached, the long sensor lead and the wide temperature range of the sensor makes it a handy solution for many purposes: Refrigerators, freezers, food preparation and storage, indoor/outdoor monitoring, greenhouses and incubators.