Promotional Liquid Crystal Thermometer

The promotional liquid crystal thermometer is a liquid crystal strip on a 'plate' that has double-sided adhesive tape. It is meant as a promotional giveaway to customers, and allows for custom printing on the plate. There are two main temperature ranges: fridge and ambient.
102mm x 42mm

Available Features

Easy to read

Easy to mount



Print your logo on

Temperature Ranges:

  • Room: +16 to +34 °C in 2 °C increments
  • Refrigerator: 0 to +12 °C in 2 °C increments
  • Freezer: -24 to -3 °C in 3 °C increments


  • ± 0.5 °C

Temperature sensitive liquid crystals

The thermometer consists of a laminated plastic band with a number of temperature sensitive liquid crystals, each in a field with the corresponding temperature ( °C) printed.

When activated by the ambient temperature the liquid crystals will reflect the light and show colours from tan to blue within a range of approximately 2 °C for each crystal.