Transcan Sentinel: Transport Temperature Recorder for refrigerated vehicles

Transcan Sentinel type 'T'

For external mounting on trailer

Transcan Sentinel type 'C'

For in cab installation

Transcan Sentinel type R

Transcan Sentinel type 'R'

Car radio size in-cab unit

Available Features

For refrigerated vehicles

  • Refrigerated truck
  • Refrigerated van

Printout (Ticket) Options

  • Delivery ticket
  • Journey ticket

Winter/summer clock adjustment

Downloadable to computer:

  • via DCU (data collection unit)
  • directly to laptop


  • 2 temperature plus
  • 1 on/off (choice of door or defrost)

Optional RS 232 port for connection to on board computer system for vehicle location and data offloading applications.

Temperature Ranges -50 + 50 °C
Memory 21, 600 logs

Further technical specifications and accessories of the Transcan Sentinel.