Pharmaceuticals and Laboratories

Controlled atmosphere environments and incubators:

"We need to monitor temperature and humidity at all times"

The T-TEC 6-1C or T-TEC 7-1C Data logger with external sensor for humidity and internal sensor for temperature complies with the strictest requirements. The casing is closed so the data loggers can tolerate high humidity in the incubator or climate chamber. If temperature changes are happening fast, the T-TEC 6-2C or T-TEC 7-2C with fixed external temperature sensor should be chosen.

Ultra cold freezers:

"Specimens need to be kept below -80 or -196 °C"

The freezer can be monitored by a TT260 Chart recorder temperature range: -110 to -200 °C. The TT260 with 7 days rotation can be equipped with battery back-up and alarm contacts. Available for panel or wall mounting

Alternatively, the Data loggers: T-TEC 6-3PA or T-TEC 7-3PA (display) with a temperature range of +20 to -200 °C if download to a PC is the preferred way to read and store the results.

Petridishes & vials

"We need to monitor with a tiny sensor"

The T-TEC 6-3E or T-TEC 7-3E (display) can connect the 'Petridish sensor', which is 1 × 3mm and will fit into a small vial or a petri dish.

Refrigerators & Freezers.

"Daily check of minimum and maximum temperatures is all we need"

Monitoring of daily cycles in refrigerators and freezers is easily done with the EMT888 Min/Max thermometer. The display will show the actual temperature as well as the minimum and maximum since last reset.

Research work

"Find us a very accurate chart recorder with a remote sensor, which we can move around as we need to"

TT210 Temperature recorder has a Pt100 temperature sensor, is very accurate and has 2 temperature ranges. Because it is battery driven, it can be put exactly where it is needed, each time.